Who we work with and where we work

IPM has undertaken work for, or has on going contracts with, some of the world's most respected Automotive brands.

Our team have all worked internationally within the automotive industry.

IPM has exceptionally broad experience of working in both mature & developing markets.

With offices in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, IPM has great reach.

Take a look at the clients and markets we work in.

Our Services

Our services include a wide range of support with specialist knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • The planning and management of residual value risk including future value projection and risk minimisation strategies.
  • Manufacturer and finance company used vehicle remarketing strategies.
  • Development and operational support for the implementation of dealer network improvement programmes across all disciplines.
  • Assessment and recovery planning for financially critical importers and dealers.
  • Manufacturer field staff and dealer key management training and skills development programmes.
  • New market entry strategies for automotive products and financial services. Dealer network quality standards assessment.

Range of Dealer Network Development Services

Range of Dealer Network Development Services diagram

Residual Value Risk Management Services

Residual Value Risk Management Services diagram

Used Vehicle Price Observatory for Use by Leasing and Finance Companies, plus Manufacturers (for own brand analysis)

Leasing company input is that the traditional guide book current values do not always accurately reflect their experience in the market. In response, IPM has developed a unique price observatory system, enabling retail prices for used vehicles to be collected and compared.

This system has been constructed to factor in all variable elements which impact on prices achieved, including:

  • Level of damage.
  • Factory fitted options.
  • Specific retail channel being utilised – domestic trade, export, franchised Dealers, auctions, retail outlet.
  • Geographic point of sale.

Output and comparison can, therefore, be obtained for any make, model, version or series as well as by age/mileage and sales date criteria. This assists to:

  • Benchmark retail prices achieved by comparison with the average of other system users.
  • Decide on the most appropriate models, specification and mileage criteria for vehicles to be supplied with buyback risk.
  • Monitor regional and seasonal price trends to optimise re-marketing opportunities.
  • Easily compare the prices achieved for differing types or specification of vehicles.

This price observatory is being operated by members of the Italian leasing association - ANIASA - and is now available to be personalised for other client groups.